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dc.contributor.authorPuspa, Sari-
dc.contributor.authorP, Hadi-
dc.contributor.authorNasriandi, Nasriandi-
dc.description.abstractTo keep up with the need of education in the course of Covid-19 pandemic, the school have no choice but to habituate with the virtual learning process. Accordingly, they have to adjust the learning process, interaction, evaluation, teaching tools as well as the curriculum. In spite of the fact that the teachers need to adjust their learning process to virtual process, they should not depress by it. This study focusing its field to delve into the way of Indonesian teachers interpret the curricula to virtual learning. This research applied qualitative research, through which a writer focused on in depth study of smaller samples. To analyse how the teacher, interpret the K13 curriculum learning system in the Covid-19 pandemic trough virtual learning, qualitative research method is considered as the appropriate one to use in this study, since qualitative research method is based on the principle that social life is inherently complex. Based on the interview with the teacher’s informants, it can be concluded that at the beginning, the teacher was struggling to inject the K13 curriculum to their online class. But by time, they can apply the curriculum with some adjustment. One of their ways is with the use of self report and observation based on the material that the students scheduled to. Keywords: Learning System; Covid-19; Curriculum Interpretationen_US
dc.titleLearning System During Covid-19 Pandemic: How the Teacher Interprets the Curriculumen_US
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