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dc.description.abstractWasatiyah Islam is a religious interpretation with the principles of justice, tolerance, and upholding humanity despite different religions, ethnicities, ethnicities and customs. This is the face of Islam that Muhammadiyah believes in and implements in its various charities. The aims of this study were (i) to identify how non-Muslim students perceive religious education materials; (ii) to analyze the behavior of lecturers in displaying Islamic wasathiyah; and (iii) to analyze the interaction of Muslim and non-Muslim students in the implementation of Wasathiyah Islam. This research is descriptive and quantitative by utilizing the frequency distribution. Respondents in this study were 25 non-Muslim students at the Muhammadiyah University of Palopo. The research results show that; first, non-Muslim students have a good perception of AIK material, which has included wasatiyah principles in it. Second, the behavior of lecturers has shown fairness and equality in granting rights to Muslim and non-Muslim students, according to wasatiyah principles. Third, the interaction of Muslim and non-Muslim students takes place with the principles of equality and justice. The implication of the results of this research is that every educational institution must be open to adherents of other religions to continue their studies. With the principles of Wasatiyah Islam, religious education can be carried out, even for non-Muslim students Keywords: Islam, Wasatiyah, Religious Education, Non-Muslim, Muhammadiyahen_US
dc.titleIslam Wasathiyah: Persepsi Mahasiswa Non-Muslim Terhadap Implementasi Pendidikan Agama Di Universitas Muhammadiyahen_US
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