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Title: Identifikasi dan Inkulturasi Islam Berkemajuan dalam Kurikulum Al- Islam Kemuhammadiyahan di Muhammadiyah Boarding School
Authors: P, Hadi
Issue Date: 2023
Abstract: Islam Berkemajuan (Progressive Islam) is the characteristic of Muhammadiyah which was started at the 47th Muktamar in Makassar and then completed in the 48th Muktamar in Solo and is practically taught in all Muhammadiyah Schools. This research aims to identify the characteristic of Islam Berkemajuan in MBS' Curriculum and map the inculturation process as well in formal and informal activities at school. This is qualitative research with Discovering Cultural Themes approach. The data analysis was done by ongoing analysis since the data collection was started. The research data were analyzed in three steps which are data reduction, data display, and data serving. The results of this research show five characteristics (al-khasa'ishu al-khamsu) in Islam Berkemajuan, which are based on Tauhid, sourced from al-Qur'an and al-Sunnah, live by ijtihad and tajdid, developing Wasathiyah, and become rahmah to the world, these have been explained in the learning textbooks of MBS both in Junior and Senior high school level. The inculturation strategy is done with the formal curricular program based on the school's program and through extracurricular self-developing activities. Keywords: Progressive Islam; inculturation; Curricullum; Al-Islam Kemuhammadiyahan
ISSN: 2622-7215
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