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Title: The role of socialmedia in the political involvement ofmillennials
Authors: Solling Hamid, Rahmad
Abror, Abror
M. Anwar, Suhardi
Keywords: Information quality
Reputation of social media Social media political marketing activities
Political involvement
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Spanish Journal of Marketing - ESIC Emerald Publishing Limited
Series/Report no.: Accepted 26 February 2022;
Abstract: Purpose – This study aims to examine the relationship of information quality of social media, social media reputation, social media political marketing activities, trust and political involvement of millennials. Methodology – The empirical analysis was conducted using a sample of 309 millennials. This study used online survey for the data collection. After passing reliability and validity tests, the data were analyzed with partial least squares structural equation modeling. Findings – The results show that information quality of social media has positive and significant direct influence on reputation and trust. Information quality of social media also has a significant indirect influence on trust through social media reputation. However, there is no significant relationship between information quality and political involvement. Social media political marketing activities also have a direct and indirect significant effect on political involvement through trust. Finally, trust also has a positive and significant impact on political involvement. Practical implications – This research may contribute to the political marketing experts and politicians in increasing the quality and credibility of advertisements on social media, which will affect trust and political involvement of millennial generation. Moreover, politicians and political marketing experts who have an online-based community should optimize their marketing activities in social media to encourage positive behavior and trust from socialmedia users. Value – This study has shown a more comprehensive model of the relationship between information quality of social media and political involvement. This study also reveals the significant indirect effect of the trust on the relationship between information quality on social media, social media political marketing activities and political involvement.
ISSN: 2444-9709
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