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Title: Islamic bank contribution to Indonesian economic growth
Authors: M. Anwar, Suhardi
Keywords: Indonesia
Islamic banking
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Ltd
Series/Report no.: ;Vol 13 Issue 2
Abstract: Purpose – This paper aims to examine the short run and long run of Indonesia Islamic bank (IIB) contribution to economic growth over the periods 2009: Q1 – 2019: Q4. IIB is consideredwhich supported by the largest Muslim population in the world. Deposits, financing and offices are proxy to highlight the relationshipbetweenIslamicbanksandIndonesia’seconomicgrowth. Design/methodology/approach – Through cointegration analysis, autoregressive distributed lag (ARDL), vector error correction model (VECM), variance decompositions (VDCs) and impulse response functions(IRFs),thisstudyinvestigatestheIslamicbankandeconomicgrowthnexus. Findings – A signi ficant relationship in the short-run and long-run between IIB deposits and offices and economicgrowth.ThereisevidenceofabidirectionalrelationshipbetweentheIslamicbankandeconomicgrowth. Socialimplications – Inspiteoftheirmarketsharelessthanaconventionalbank.Theresultprovedthan IB a prosperous sector and has a contribution to economic growth. This address regulator must have a dedicatedunittohandleIIBlegalcasesshoulditgotothecourtforadjudication. Originality/value – The study role of Islamic banking contribution to economic growth in the context of Indonesia is limited. This paper is the first study that examines empirically the effect of Indonesian Islamic banks on economic growth measured by the amount of gross domestic product (GDP), financing, offices and deposits.
ISSN: 1753-8394 E 1753-8408
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